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Clip in Darkest Brown #2 (120g)

20 Inches 7 Pcs Set For Finer Hair


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Get the serious and sophisticated brunette look with these magnificent deep brown hair extensions. Touch them, and you’ll be reminded of the softness of velvet and the qualities of the best cared for hair.This pack comes with the thinnest and smoothest 20-inch clip-in darkest brown hair extensions, specifically selected to complement the same type of natural hair.

  1. 100% Human Hair
  2. Crisp feel and a luxurious smoothness
  3. Suitable for even the thinnest of hairs
  4. The wefts blend in perfectly through texture and color
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Our 20 inches set contains a total of 7 wefts, distributed as follows:

  • 1: 8-inch weft with 4 clips per weft
  • 2: 6-inch wefts with 3 clips per weft
  • 2: 3-inch wefts with 2 clips per weft
  • 2: 1-inch wefts with single clip per weft

Our 20-inch clip in hair extensions have been strategically designed to blend in with your own hair and create a natural look that feels incredibly light to wear. Each of the wefts goes in its own spot to cover your entire head, making it feel balanced and giving it a full shape.

These extensions are made out of 100% human hair, which means you will get the best quality hair on the market. It has all been arranged in its natural growing direction and processed to eliminate any matting or tangling. The pack is the thinnest option we have and it blends in perfectly with even the most delicate hair.

Additional Information

Hair Type Human Remy Hair
Hair Quality Grade 3A-4A
Application Method Clip-in
Available Lengths 20"
Color Category No
Texture Straight
Color Code #2
Hair Weight (Grams) 120
Shipping Weight (lbs) 0.4125
In the Box 7 pcs set with 16 clips
Expected Life 6-8 Months
Return/ Exchange / Refund Yes
Shipping Cost Free
Shipping Method USPS
Estimated Delivery Time 3-5 Business Days
Stock Availability Ready To Ship
Wholesale Availability Yes
Shipping MethodEstimated Delivery TimeCost
3-5 Business Days | 7-15 Business Days For Pre Order / Made To Order / Bulk Order (More than 4 sets) | 20 to 25 Days For Packaging (Excluding Manufacturing Time). FREE / Local (US Interstate) Shipping Charges Are Applicable For Custom Packaging
We will gladly accept your unopened item in its original packaging for exchange or store credit or refund within 5 days of carrier confirmed delivery. It’s totally WORRY-FREE!
For pre order / made to order or bulk order (More than 4 sets), refund will be given in the form of store credit. Custom packaging orders are not refundable.

What are clip-in hair extensions?

These types of hair extensions are the perfect solution if you want to stay free of any permanent bonding, not to mention they are quick and easily applicable wherever you may be. You can attach and remove them yourself in a few easy steps and blend comfortably with your own hair, adding volume and length. Clip-in hair extensions are also the most affordable option for natural, healthy and fabulous looking hair.


How do I attach them to my own hair?

A. Hair Extensions by Monica come in separate wefts with small snap clips that you can attach under your hair. The clips are designed for complete security and virtual invisibility, which means that your extensions are super safe to wear and nobody will ever know but you!


How long does it take to clip in my extensions?

You will be able to put in your extensions in less than 5 minutes, and take them out in a fraction of that time. With practice comes experience, so you should master the technique in no time!


How long does my hair need to be for these clip-in extensions?

The rule of thumb for this one is about 6 inches for good security and a natural look.


How long will the extensions last?

Hair Extensions by Monica are top quality human hair, so they have the longest lifespan on the market. Treat them with good care and will last 6-8 months, use harsh products and not wash them regularly, and they will need replacing sooner. The better you take care of them, the longer they last.


What hair is used for the extensions?

Hair Extensions by Monica are made from India have little to no tangle and shedding and color can be changed to any dark or light color including #613 & #60. Not only does the hair stay healthy and look perfectly natural, but it can be styled with a variety of tools and can truly be treated as your own.


So what does remy hair mean?

Remy essentially designates the best quality human hair available on the market, identifiable by two main features:

  • The hair is hand picked and individually arranged in the same direction of growing, so that all the cuticles run downwards and prevent tangling or matting;
  • Exclusive use of the finest untreated and not previously colored hair. After the hair is selected and arranged by Remy standards, it undergoes a gentle treatment process which makes sure the cuticle remains intact, while adding vigor and color to the hair. The results: a soft, velvety feel and a shine that is made to last!


What clips do you use for the extensions?

Our clips have  secure rubber grip. They are light and small, so they will remain virtually undetected under all that gorgeous new hair.


Can the extensions be straightened & curled?

YES, they can! Treat them as if they were your own hair. Style them straight or curvy, but always be careful not to use excessive products and use a heat protection spray before working with hot tools.


How do I know which color is right for me?

This can be a tricky one, especially because the tone you get on a computer screen is not always entirely accurate. Hair Extensions by Monica is Indian hair and were designed so they blend in with lighter and darker shades, as they all contain different undertones in their composition. Once you clip them in, you will generally notice that the colors match better than you might have expected.

However, if you do find the color doesn’t work, you can always return it under our easy exchange policy. Add a sample of your own hair to the package and we will send you back the correct color in return.


Can I color the extensions?

Yes, the extensions can be colored. It is always advisable to darken rather than lighten the hair, and you should be extra careful with bleached hair, as it is more sensitive. Just to make sure you get the exact shade you want, you should have a professional stylist color the extensions rather than doing it at home. Dyed extensions can not be returned.


Can I wash & blow-dry the hair extensions?

Yes, you should wash the hair extensions as if they were your own, using plenty of shampoo and conditioner. We recommend you wash them every 15-20 wears, and treat them with plenty of conditioner to keep them moist and healthy. The extensions can also be blow-dried, but we advise that you don’t do this too often. Ideally, they should be allowed to air dry naturally, as this will give them a longer lifespan.




My color is out of stock, when will I be able to order?

Some colors sell faster than others, so it is not uncommon for our stock to run out from time to time. However, we do our best to re-stock every 1-2 weeks, so your wait is reduced to an absolute minimum.


Where else can I buy hair extensions by monica?

Hair Extensions By Monica can only be bought at Hair Extensions By If you do find what seem to be our products on any other website or shop, please contact us immediately. QuantX, LLC dba Hair Extensions By Monica is a registered US company and anyone using it without permission will be prosecuted.


What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept payment by any major Credit Cards and PayPal, all you need to do is make sure you choose the right option at check-out.


How safe is processing your payment?

 Your privacy matters to us and we value it. Therefore we are committed to protect it. We have a fully secured payment gateway system. Your credit card details are not stored on our server. However, there is an option to save your credit card details for future payments. If you choose to leave your details with us for future transactions, your credit card information will be processed and stored on Fully Secured, PCI compliant stripe server. 



If shipping is free?

Yes, insureced & trackable shipping is free on any order size, with no extra!


How long does shipping usually take?

Shipping times will vary depending on location. Delivery is done through USPS Priority Mail and takes 3-5 business days;

Please wait for these intervals to pass before contacting us about your delivery, as we will not be able to conduct any investigation at this stage. Your patience will be highly rewarded, we promise.

Customer Reviews 11 item(s)

dream look
These extensions are beautiful, they have given me the dream look I have always wanted. Most people think its my natural hair and do not believe me when I tell them I am wearing hair extensions. Highly recommended and love! :)

Miami, Florida Review by Ashley Rivera
I really love my hair
I wish I would have started buying them sooner, I really love this brand. My mom said to me your hair really looks fabulous what have you been doing that your hair looks so thick and long. ha ha...

It was nice coming home for the holidays and so many family members and friends complimenting me on how great my hair looks and feels. ~xoxo
Review by Amanda Crellin
fabulous everyday hair
These extensions are very affordable and look really good in my hair. Now I have a FABULOUS hair every day. I love this company, Monica thank you for offering/creating a great value and product. Look forward to telling all my college roommates.
~Jaclyn Nova
Austin, Texas Review by Jaclyn Nova
color is so sexy
I’m Katy and I’ve been using my hair extensions by Monica for almost a month now. I wear them every other day and have washed them twice since I got them, and they still look and feel brand new. This color is so sexy and I never get tired of checking myself out in the mirror when wearing them. Hair resists extremely well to all sorts of styling (I actually tried super crazy curls last weekend and it behaved amazingly well) and doesn’t lose its qualities. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it with full confidence.
Katy Pierce
Sarasota, Florida Review by Katy Pierce
hair I have always dreamed of
Hair extensions have significantly change the way I look and have given me the hair I have always dreamed of in no time. Thank YOU....

I love these extensions, super soft shiny and thick top to bottom. My hair looks FABULOUS thanks to these extensions.

Key West, Florida Review by Cynthia
Christmas gift time
I've never worn hair extensions before so my experience is limited. However, I am ordering my cousin a set of the Balayage extensions, and will be giving them to her for Christmas! - Pamela Review by Pamela Martinez
great extensions
Overall great extensions, The hair is thick, soft and shipped quickly. I would definitely buy from them again. Review by Michelle Jared
Highly recommended
I have dark brown hair and the dark brown extensions match my hair very well. Highly recommended this color, looks amazing. I received my hair within 3 business days. I risked it and bought them and I absolutely love them! It adds volume just as well as it does length. I am super HAPPY ~ Lucy Review by Lucy Moore
happy with the shipping
The Shipping is unbelievably fast, 2 days and have never received a product so fast in my life, happy with the shipping.

The hair is thick and the quality of the hair is amazing, soft and silky. The hair feels like such nice hair and the color is awesome. Very natural and I am able to do anything with them in terms of blow drying, curling or straightening. Hair is staying in great condition. I do deep condition them 1 time a week to keep them looking healthy. ~ Niki Review by Niki Masiello
I just received my order 2 days ago and they are the beautiful. Thank you so much for your honesty and customer service. The Hair is long, luxurious, glamourous, thick, and i feel like a queen just holding them. I plan on purchasing again the 190 gram set as soon as I am use to wearing and a new set is needed! Review by Monica Padron
I can’t even begin to tell you how great they look and feel, and how great I look when wearing them! Review by Casey Kevin

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