Hair extensions are the best way to lengthen a short hair in preparation for an occasion or any special event. It is also effective in adding volume and making the hair look much healthier. Over the years, different types of hair extensions have become popular. Of the many types, the cheapest and most convenient to use are clip-in hair extensions. What is good about them is that they are easy to use and remove to get back to your original look after a while. The question of many however is on how to attach this clip- in hair extensions and make it blend well with their natural hair and look real.

Attaching clip- in hair extensions isn’t really that tricky a job. There are no hard and fast rules in using it. One can experiment with it until she finally finds the best look with this clip- in hair extensions.  For beginners however, knowing the basics would be important. When working with clip- in hair extensions, one must remember not to make the extensions she is wearing look too obvious. The trick is to clip on the part of the hair where it will look natural like the others.

The first step in attaching clip- in hair extensions is dividing the hair upwards. The shortest of the clip- in hair extensions should be placed on the hair just above the nape. When this is done, the next halves of the hair can be clipped with the extensions in the order of shortest to longest. Every clip- in hair extensions attached should be smoothed with the rest of the natural hair so there wouldn’t be unsightly bulges and tangles.

Once all the longer clip- in hair extensions has been attached you can begin working with the remaining shorter ones by attaching it at the sides at the hair beside your face. This should give your hair a fuller look and a texture that will blend with the rest. Take your time when doing this and make sure that the clips will not be exposed. You can also opt to attach some bangs with your clip- in hair extensions. This will give you a more mature look that still plays on the sexy range. You can choose for subtle side bangs or a full one for an entirely different look using mere clip- in hair extensions.

When you are done attaching all the clip- in hair extensions that you have, the next thing that you have to do is to comb your hair well. This would make you clip- in hair extensions look natural and this will even out the length and bulk of your hair. When you are through, you can now start styling your hair. If you want to gain a sporty look, you can have your hair pony tailed. With clip- hair extensions, you can also test hair dyes and other hair products without having to worry about your hair being damaged. You can also treat it with hair products for a more edgy look.