Most women these days are looking for instant solutions offering beautiful and glamorous looks. When it comes to giving your hair a new style, hair extensions are becoming popular since they offer a new hairstyle instantly without giving a dramatic change to your haircut. In order to keep the hair extensions glamorous for longer time, proper care and maintenance is necessary. The hair extensions, either natural human hair or synthetic hair would require attention and care since they do not have roots and therefore, they do not get nutrients to keep them healthy.

Therefore, there are some instructions and tips that should be followed in order to keep your hair extensions glamorous for a longer time period. The hair extensions should be tied up in a ponytail while sleeping or at home to avoid knots and tangling. It is required to brush them using a soft brush because it can become really difficult to remove the knots. Wind can even create knots in your hair, so it is better to keep it plaited when you are outdoors.

The washing of the hair extensions is also required to bring their shine and softness after wearing it a few times. It is easier to go to a salon to get the hair washed, styled and combed because it may be harder to do it at home. It is recommended to use good quality moisturizing shampoo and hair conditioner to wash your hair and add some other products for conditioning, such as serum, etc. The hair extensions should be brushed in a way that you start brushing at the ends gently and carefully.

Curls on the hair extensions take a little longer than natural hair, but the curls will last longer. The extensions will dry out, get tangled and damaged in swimming pools, spas and chlorine. Hair extensions are available in a wide range of costs that depends on the type, quantity of hair and application method used. Also, there are costs involved for the maintenance of the extensions as well as for the replacement. For expensive hair extensions, the replacement will be more costly.

In short, hair extensions need to be kept under control while sleeping and deep conditioning is necessary. It is also important to shampoo and style them with care. These tips can help in keeping your hair extensions glamorous, healthy and shiny for longer time period, so you can enjoy your hairstyle.