Tape-in hair extensions are an excellent choice for those who want versatility as well as longevity in regards to hair extensions. They aren’t damaging if properly installed, removed, and cared for. They look completely natural and blend seamlessly, especially since we use only double drawn hair.

Tape-ins are an investment, which means they’re a great, cost effective choice since they can last upwards to a year. They truly are the best hair extensions for anyone looking to achieve a fuller look for more than just one evening.

Tape in hair extensions pros and cons


With tape-in extensions, you’re able to attain a natural look; only you will know you’re wearing them!

You will need to see a professional for installing and removing your hair extensions.

They’re comfortable! More lightweight than other hair extension varieties like clip-ins.

Tape-in hair extensions are a bit pricey, especially including the fees of installation and removal.

The types of hairstyles you can achieve become more numerous.

Hair extension care takes time at first, but it’s well worth your while. Hair extensions aren’t attached to your scalp, so there’s no natural buildup of oils to take care of them. Thus, proper care is your job!

Professional installation means the placement will be precisely where they need to be on your head. This prevents unnatural or uneven final looks.

Poor quality tape may harm hair. This is why we use medical grade tape that are easy to apply and remove.

Tape-in hair extensions are typically of a higher grade than other types of hair extensions.

It does take time to adjust to the feeling of hair extensions.The average wearer takes a few days to become accustomed to them, whereas others take more or less time. Your head may feel a bit heavy, but it always goes away in time.

Best of all, they’re more secure than other hair extensions. You don’t have to worry about an embarrassing clip falling out.


What are Remy tape in hair extensions?

They’re taped in, as the name implies, and are becoming the most preferred hair extension choice for professional and hair stylists worldwide. They are undetectable, lightweight, and most of all, comfortable. It’s the perfect semi-permanent solution many people have been searching for. We don’t mix our hair extensions; that means no surprise animal hair and no synthetic strands. Replacing quality hair with animal or synthetic hair means a final look that is sub par. On Remy 100% human hair extensions, you can use heated tools and style like your own hair! Not to mention, high quality remy hair is built to last.

What are double drawn tape in hair extensions?

Double drawn hair extensions are by far higher quality. It’s all the same length, as opposed to single drawn hair which  has uneven hair lengths, so shortening the hair extensions can mean creating too choppy of a look to blend with your natural hair. Double drawn eliminates the issue of straggly ends through a process of delicately sorting and crafting high quality remy hair selections.

Double drawn is sorted by hand to all reach the same length. This means a fuller final looker, even after professional trimming.

How to install tape in hair extensions?

Taped-in Remy hair extensions need to be professionally installed, and will take less than an hour. This is to ensure seamless and accurate installation as well as guarantee they’ll stay fitted perfectly through the next few weeks.

For removal, your hair stylist will use a specially formulated removal to gently dissolve the adhesive from your hair, without damage. It is important to seek out a professional to avoid all damage to your hair. A professional also knows how to best install the hair extensions to create the look you desire.

How long do tape in hair extensions last?

Tape-in hair extensions can last various amounts of time depending on two factors: the quality of the hair, and your haircare routine.

Our tape-in hair extensions are 100% Remy Indian hair, which is top of the line. With proper care, your hair extensions will last you up to a year; this means you’ll only need to invest once a year in a set of hair extensions.

Tape in hair extensions can damage your hair if tapes are too sticky!

Taped-in hair extensions can cause damage if they’re improperly installed or if the adhesive is too sticky. However, don’t let that scare you off. The horror stories lurking on the internet are usually simply that: horror stories.

With professional help, taped-in hair extensions pose no threat the the health of your natural hair and scalp. Also, our hair extensions use medical grade tapes that are both easy to apply and remove!

Professionally installed taped-in hair extensions take into account of your future hair growth. They’re placed in specific places so they don’t get in the way of your natural hair growth.

Tape in hair extensions care

Taped-in Remy hair extension care is quite easy! Once you get into the habit, you’ll find it nearly second nature and well worth the initial time investment of learning all the tips and tricks of the trade!

  • You’ll have to keep your extensions clean and detangled, everyday.
  • It is recommended to brush your hair twice a day, especially focusing on the hair extensions themselves.
  • It is key to remember not to brush your hair when it is wet!
  • When laying down, keep hair secure in a ponytail or a braid to avoid tangling.
  • Using silk pillows is a great way to keep hair detangled and smooth.
  • Don’t over do it with hair products. Avoid products containing alcohol, oil, or ethanol as it can damage the adhesive of the hair extensions.
  • It is best to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • When applying conditioner, using it from the midshaft region of the hair to the ends. Using conditioner on the adhesive part of hair extensions may cause it to unlatch before you’re ready! The same applies to using serums and oils.
  • When using heated tools, don’t apply directly to the taped region!
  • When it comes to coloring your hair, consult with your stylist first! It is much easier to go darker than it is lighter. Also, dyes and bleaches may affect the adhesive, so it is better to wait until the next removal period.

Ultimately, if you take care of your hair extensions, they will take care of you! Avoid tangling, don’t apply any products directly to the adhesive, keep everything combed, and you’ll find yourself with a long-lasting set of high quality Remy hair extensions.